Escalator Crucifiction.

The modern day Christ is tied to an escalator,
A very, very, very long escalator.
The feet are superglued to the stripy step,
And the hands are tied to the rubbery rail.

Everything’s fine for the first few minutes,
They wonder what all the fuss is about.
“Tum te tum te tum te ta
I’ll be alright – must be a joke.”

But you may or may not be aware
When travelling up an escalator,
If you put your hand on the rubbery rail,
It edges forwards ever so slowly.

The rubber rail is also a drive-belt,
And it slips as it pulls the stairs upwards.
They’re almost in synch, but not

Slowly the victim realises,
The elongated nature of his, now fixed, fate.
But he still can’t really conceive it,
“Yes it’ll happen”, he now knows that.

But it’ll take so long . . .
It’s so far off it’s not worth the worry
“He might as well forget about it,
And look at the ads???”

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