Brainwashed in a nothingth of a second

Not by experience,
But a process of deduction,
I've come to believe:

That in my mental dictatorship
History and future are rewritten,
Is was and will be wiped at whim.

Schizophrenic eternity,
Camaeleon reality,
swapped in a nothingth of a second

So sudden is the schizm
So suffocatingly concrete,
That it cannot be known.

All evidence destroyed,
Fake is the new real,
Real is the new fake.

One cannot call it change,
In change one must compare,
Who knows black knows white,

The regime took such care
That even conviction is replaced
Even memories switch alliegance,

If it's good,
It was always good,
Will always be good.

If it's bad,
It was always bad,
Will always be bad.

The chosen cherished reality
Stuffs my universe 
eternally in all dimensions.

New in an undetectable instant,
That which was the past,
and that which would have been the future.

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