Club Sans Pensiero

I know a great nightclub
Very close to home.
The bouncers on the door
Are very particular
They will not let you in
With anything at all.
Cameras, pens and notepads,
Bags, knives or drugs,
Booze, whores and pimps,
Must be left at the door.
Pretty normal for a nightclub,
I hear you say - but what's more
And what is most unusual,
No memory and no thoughts of any kind,
May be taken in the club.

Once my bouncer friends are satisfied,
You don't have to walk in,
You find yourself inside,
Sucked in by a dark, mysterious vortex,
And I cannot tell you what is there,
Not a word about it - only that
The club Sans Pensiero - is a very 
Very cool place.

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