Fear trip

I went away in an aeroplane
Away from my home and my loves
As I peered out through the glass
I saw to my astonishment
Not the vastness of the sky
But the surface of the sea above
Glistening, shimmering like a pool of molten silver
"This is very odd, I thought,
I'm sure I booked for Kazakhstahn"
What does the pilot think he's on
Flying his jetplane under the sea
But hey, ho, what could I do?
So I decided to enjoy the subaqua scene.
Down, Down, Down we went,
Past the fish and the underwater trees,
But all the time it was brightly lit
As though we were still very near the top,
But before I knew what as happening,
A dark band of black whispy shapes,
Engulfed the plane from below,
Primaeval terror as I've never felt,
Took over my controls,
My blood curdling screams were only drowned
By the chilling flood of inner terror,
As an alchemist  turns gold into lead,
My whole universe turned into fear,
And as the dark, obscure forms rose over my head,
I must have lost consciousness
The next thing I knew I was back on dry land,
In a familiar street in the middle of the night,
I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed,
At the memory of how fear could be,
I ran down the street, emotionally naked,
Like Archimedes running out of his bath,
And I met a man and screamed in his face,
I didn't care if he thought I was mad.

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