Nothing Much

Why should I fear annihilation?
The unseen background of my life.
Now I'm here, now I'm here
I don't know what happened inbetween

Why should I fear annihilation?
When it may not even be possible
Can something really turn into nothing?
Any more than sugar into love?

Something is a small distinctive me,
But what distinguishes the nothings?
No face, no tone of voice, no enemies, no guilt
No surrender, no past, no pain, no possibilities.

How big, how long, how small is nothing?
How hard, how soft, how durable?
What is the difference betweeen
The nothing that was me and the nothing that was you?

The moments of life flicker like celluloid film
Broken by the darkness between
Why should I fear the end
Any more than the dark moments of void which surround each frame?

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