My brain is full of Aliens

My brain is full of aliens,
Little green squirmy ones;
There's nothing I can do about it;
They shout and shout
In a strange green language,
I've certainly never heard before;
I looked around for baseball bats
There are none inside my head,
So I tried and tried to shake them out,
But it seems to make them breed.
When I try to strike at them,
My hand just goes straight through,
I only beat myself up
So now I'm black and blue;
I tried to enroll for an evening class,
'Venutian in 3 weeks'
It all looked quite promising
But the teacher got abducted;
I tried to offer them money,
In return for their silence,
But they said they wanted love.
So in the end I said "I guess,
If all they do is talk and squirm,
I'll have to live with them;"

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