Life is Like a 1970's Arcade Game

Life is like a 1970's Arcade Game
Not because
There are strange creatures
You've never seen before
Trying to kill you
By dropping small luminescent squares on you
And there's only one direction you can move in
Not because
You're stuck in a maze
Full of ghosts who are out to get you
Trying to survive by eating blobs of light
Desperately seeking a hit from a luminous Pill
Not because
You can never, ever win
No matter how hard you try
The enemies just keep on getting more and more
Faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster
Till you die
But because
You've got no 50p coin
But you're desperate to play anyhow
So you stand there wiggling the joystick
And sometimes when the demo starts
You can make the right moves
And  kid  yourself
You're in control

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